Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cozy Cover RE-fashioned

(above: a photo of an identical Cozy Cover that I purchased... I demolished mine before I got a picture of it)
Well here is another of my projects. A Cozy Cover re-fashioned from a girlie PINK, to an adorable BLUE polka dotted fabric! (Shown below.)
One day while I was out thrifting for some good buys on new(to me) baby boy items... I stumbled upon this cute little pink Cozy Cover. Now, I love pink to pieces because of my first child being the girliest girl any little girl can be but THIS TIME AROUND... I was heading more towards mud, trucks and the color blue... NOT pink! BUT, ONE WHOLE DOLLAR at the Yard Sale Shoppe was way to cheap to pass up! Besides, I'm such a craftaholic-fabric hoarding-sewing gizmo weilding junkie that I already had everything else that I needed at home to RE-fashion that cute little thing!
So,... confusing as it was to my little girl who knew we were having a boy, but SOO wanted a little sister... I purchased the little pink carseat cozy with hopes to re-fashion it into something my little boy would be proud to ride with style in.
And this is what came of my hours of ripping seams apart, tearing velcro out, uninstalling pink zippers/fabric and worn out elastic. Pretty cute, huh? Well I thought so and my lil guy has been snuggly warm this whole winter and never had a drop of rain grace his sweet little face. :)
(above: Re-fashioned Cozy Cover. NO pink here! The only piece left of the pink Cozy Cover is the sherpa interior. The rest was basically used for a pattern. NOT BAD for just a dollar!! Sherpa, a pattern and a cool new ride for my little guy!)
(above: opened re-fashioned Cozy Cover)