Thursday, February 16, 2012

Family Hands Photo

Recently, I had run across a really cute idea that consisted of a grouping of a family's hands and thought it was adorable. So I decided it would be a great gift idea.
I traced around each family members hands and then used that as my template in case I wasn't sure what color hand prints I would want. (My children are like worms in hot ash...they don't want to sit still long enough to keep tracing their wee little hands.)
I then placed each hand in an arrangment that suited me and glued them into place and wrote the date and slapped that puppy in a frame! I love it! Sweet as pie, a family keepsake and didn't cost a fortune! I think it turned out lovely.
(I decided to write the children's ages though, because as we all know... those hands won't be that small forever.)
I originally got this idea from a woman who shared it with Tip Junkie.
P.S. While I was searching for where I had originally spyed this idea, I had also found this nifty little gift that I may just have to try!! It's from another blogger like myself who loves Pinterest.
Check out this sweet idea from "Been There, Pinned That"!