Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Blog for my not so Prim items

Hello Everyone,
I have been working on so many things lately and not many of them were prim, country or folk art in nature. So I have decided to start another blog just for those items. I haven't STOPPED making my oh so wonderful prim goodies. I have just been more focused on my kiddos and being a Momma again with my newest edition finally here. Prim decore has just not been in my mind as much with all of the cute things I have been finding to make for my little girl and baby boy lately. So this blog will be devoted to all things ....UN-primy... so that everyone can still follow along with all of the goodies that I have been making. There will be fashion re-makes, jewelry tutes, lil loads of fun finds for the little ones to play with and more! A lot of the items that I post will be my own and some others that require credit to another blogger will be here as well. If there are any that do not belong to me... I will provide proper links to the original blogger. So be sure to check them out as well!
Don't fret though, Momma will still occasionally put on her business gear and dive into a big batch of that rusty, grubby, grungy, antique-y, cinna-smelly...stuff that everyone loves and craves!!
Until then, I bring you the Country-fied Momma blog....
"Sewn-N-Raised on Country Sunshine"